Activated Carbons for Mercury Removal

MERSORB® activated carbons are specifically impregnated for mercury removal. They are effective for removing mercury from air, natural gas, process exhaust gases, water and petroleum liquids.

Activated Carbons for Radioiodine Control

NUCON has provided impregnated activated carbons for radioiodine removal to the nuclear power and defense establishments. These products meet the requirements of ASME and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission codes and standards.

Activated Carbon for Noble Gas Holdup

NUCON supplies NUSORB® carbons for noble gas delay for both BWR and PWR nuclear power plants and radiopharmaceutical manufacturing.

Activated Carbon for General Industrial Applications

Activated carbon can remove a wide variety of contaminates. Our products have been specifically designed to remove acid gases, formaldehyde, ammonia, arsine and hydrogen sulfide.

Activated Carbon for Special Applications

When standard grades of adsorbent cannot meet the requirements of a particular application, NUCON has the ability to develop custom formulations of impregnated activated carbon.

Laboratory Testing of Activated Carbon

NUCON has complete facilities for testing both new and used activated carbon. Please go to Chemistry Laboratory Facilities for details.

On Site Testing Services

The NUCON Field Services Department is equipped with instruments to perform On Site Testing Services at a client site.

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