NUCON International Field Service department is a national leader in the testing of Nuclear Air Treatment systems. With over 35 years of experience NUCON’s professional and knowledgeable Field Test Engineers have been responsible for testing and advising at 65 U.S. Nuclear Facilities, as well as various International Nuclear Facilities and U.S. non-nuclear clean-room and safe-room environments. Our areas of expertise include and extend to:

  • Testing of Nuclear Air Treatment Systems – NUCON has over 35 years of experience performing Acceptance Testing and In-Place Testing of Nuclear Air Treatment Systems.
  • Tracer Gas Studies – NUCON’s Control Room Inleakage Testing program is governed by, and is in compliance with ASTM E741 “Standard Test Method for Determining Air Change in a Single Zone by Means of a Tracer Gas Dilution.”
  • Tracer Gas Airflows - When a traditional airflow measurement using the Pitot traverse method is impractical or impossible, airflows can be performed using the tracer gas dilution method based on ASTM E2029 “Standard Test Method for Volumetric and Mass Flow Rate Measurement in a Duct Using Tracer Gas Dilution”.
  • Particulate Studies - NUCON provides a service by which particulates are introduced into an environment while determining how they are conveyed by ventilation.
  • Pressure Mapping - When zones need to be maintained at a certain pressure with respect to adjacent areas, we can employ two methods of determining these pressures, the absolute pressure method and the relative pressure method.
  • Testing Instruments - NUCON manufactures, supplies, and calibrates a family of its own testing instruments, as well as other industry leading test equipment.
  • Test Manifold Design - It is necessary to use a manifold to perform injection or sampling when a system exhibits inadequate air/aerosol mixing. NUCON has designed, fabricated, installed, and qualified a wide variety of manifold designs for nuclear air treatment systems.
  • Training – As experts in Nuclear Air Treatment Systems, NUCON offers basic and advanced courses designed around N509 and N510 that combine extensive classroom and hands-on training.
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