NUCON has developed a set of Field Test Instruments for In-Place testing of Nuclear Air Treatment Systems. These instruments have become accepted as the best available worldwide based on their unique features and dependability. Each NUCON instrument is provided with a custom heavy-duty case for safe shipment.

The NUCON series of Aerosol and Halide leak testing instruments meet all the requirements of ASME N509, N510, N511 and AG-1 Section TA. Many filter manufacturers use these instruments for factory leak testing filter units as required by nuclear and defense standards.  They are also used by defense agencies around the world to leak test filters and installed filter banks in a wide variety of installations on land and sea.

NUCON instruments are calibrated according to our Quality Assurance Program with NIST traceable certification. instruments

HALIDE TRACER GAS DETECTOR: The NUCON Model SAE is the only continuous Halide detector available that meets ANSI/ASME standards N510, N511 and AG-1. The model SAE can be calibrated for ppbv level detection of the most commonly used challenge Halides (R-11, R12 and R-123)

HALIDE TRACER GAS GENERATOR, CONTINUOUS MODE: The NUCON HG-F Vaporizes R-11 or R-123 halide liquid to inject in an adsorber section of an air treatment unit to perform a bypass leak test.  This generator is capable of testing systems up to 110,000 SCFM (187,000 m3/hr)

HALIDE TRACER GAS GENERATOR, PULSE MODE: The NUCON Model HGP-H is designed to inject a known amount of R-11, HCFC-123, HFC43-10, HFC134a or 1-Bromobutane liquid into the air stream of a charcoal filtration systems. The total quantity of halide used is reduced and exposure of the charcoal to halide loading is minimized.

AEROSOL DETECTOR: The NUCON Model DDF is a truly portable detection instrument combining current solid-state photodiode technology with precision optical components. The result is a rugged, reliable, accurate, state-of-the-art particulate detection instrument.

THERMAL AEROSOL GENERATOR: The NUCON Model AGT is a high-output portable thermal aerosol (DOP or PAO) generator. It can provide up to 241 ml/min of submicron PAO, or 121 ml/min of submicron DOP, aerosol. In combination with the NUCON F-1000 DDF detector, it is capable of testing 40,000 cfm filter systems.

PNEUMATIC AEROSOL GENERATOR: The NUCON Series F-1000™ Model SN-10 aerosol generator can be used with a variety of challenge agents. Volumetric output is linear with operating pressure and particle size distribution is constant over a 10-100 psig input pressure range. The SN-10 is the ideal upgrade for the "Laskin Nozzle" aerosol generator.

CALIBRATION: NUCON provides calibration services for the halide and aerosol detectors.

PRESSURE DETECTOR: The NUCON PD-C digital air pressure detector is a light weight, portable unit. It replaces the bulky manometers and miles of tubing usually required for differential pressure studies. NIST traceable calibration and qualification per 10CFR50, Appendix B allows the PD-C to be used in Safety Related work. Accurate interpretation of readings is ensured by the digital readout.

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