NUCON Profile and Experience

NUCON International, Inc. was founded in 1972 as Nuclear Consulting Services, Inc. NUCON is a privately held corporation. Our name was changed to NUCON International, Inc to better convey the scope of our business in technical and geographic range.

NUCON specializes in the broad areas of fluid cleaning and treatment. These technologies cover such diverse applications as Nuclear Air Treatment Systems for radioisotope control, solvent vapor recycling, heavy metal recovery from various fluids, complex chemical processing for industrial applications, design of automated control systems for these processes, design of custom testing instrumentation of these systems and fabrication and supply of all of the system and related hardware. Our Quality Assurance Program meets both nuclear and military requirements. NUCON does not currently have the “U” Stamp Certificates of Authorization for compliance to ASME Pressure Vessel Code Section VIII, Division 1, but this can be reinstated if needed. Design is on AutoCAD® including three dimensional drawings.

NUCON works with clients as long term partners to solve complex problems. NUCON is proud that many of the largest industrial corporations, utilities and government agencies world wide are our long time customers. NUCON offers multilingual, international expertise and services. We are truly an INTERNATIONAL company.

Elsewhere in this Site you will find information on specific product lines and services.


Awards & Recognition

Awards from the Department of Energy:

  • Energy Pioneer Award 1995
  • Grand Challenge Winner 2016 – Control of Vapor from Hanford Storage Tanks

Award from Minnesota Society of Professional Engineers 1993

  • Brayton Cycle Solvent Recovery

Awards from The Nuclear HVAC Utility Group

  • NHUG President’s Leadership Award 1998-2000
  • NHUG President’s Award for Outstanding Support and Service To Nuclear HVAC And NHUG – 2001-2002

Recognition from The Nuclear HVAC Utility Group

  • NHUG Industry Excellence Through Communication and Training
  • NHUG for continued Support in Making the Nuclear HVAC Utility Group-NHUG a Prominent Success Within the Nuclear Industry – 2010
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