NUCON Type II reusable trays are designed to meet ASME AG-1 and N509 requirements. The trays are manufactured to the customers' unique needs and requirements, which include the Replacements of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) trays. 

The unique design of our Type II trays provides several advantages: 

  • Provides a greater than ¼ second residence time, more than other Type II filters on the market. 
  • Longer lifecycle - Our tray design prevents damage to the filtration medium. 
  • We guarantee 99.99 mechanical efficiency. 
  • Construction material: 304 stainless steel.  

Type II Tray filter mediums for various applications: 

  • Adsorption of Iodides and various gases.  
  • Local VOC control. 
  • Chemical Biological Radiological (CBR) control. 

NUCON adsorbents are available as filter mediums for listed applications and more. See Specialty Adsorbents page for more information.

As a testament to our trust in our Type II trays, we offer a 10-year Warranty. See attached NUCON 10-Year Type II Tray Warranty.


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