The NUCON® Model SN-10 produces a uniform particle size distribution aerosol and can be used with a variety of challenge agents. Volumetric output is linear and particle size distribution is constant over a 10-100 psig input pressure range. The SN-10 is the perfect upgrade of the "Laskin Nozzle" aerosol generator. model-sn-aerosol

Features and Benefits of the NUCON® SN-10 Pneumatic Aerosol Generator

  • Precise, continuous output control reproducibly generates the required aerosol particle size distribution for HEPA filter testing.
  • Capable of generating aerosol from any of the currently used liquids (Polyalphaolefin (PAO), Dioctylphthalate, Dioctylsebacate, Corn Oil, Mineral Oil, Glycol
  • The particle size distribution meets the requirements of ASME N510.
  • The generator can be sterilized for medical applications.
  • Integral strainer to prevent contamination of the nozzle.
  • Integral pressure relief valve.
  • Integral pressure regulator for output control.

SN-10 Generator output as a function of operating Pressure


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