Isotopes of iodine are products of nuclear reactions and are found in nuclear power plants and nuclear fuel processing plants. They are also used extensively in medical treatment facilities. Impregnated activated carbons are used in filtration systems to prevent radioiodine from escaping to the atmosphere and to protect personnel from exposure. In power plants, the filtration systems are specified in various standards and codes, the most recent being ASME AG-1. NUCON Bulletin 11B31 describes the characteristics of NUCON Radioiodine Adsorbents.


NUCON manufactures impregnated activated carbon adsorbents to remove radioiodine from air streams.  These products meet all the requirements of U. S. NRC Regulatory Guides 1.52 & 1.140 as well as ASME Standards; N509 & N510 and the AG-1 Code. Grades TEG™KITEG II™ and KIG™ are impregnated with compounds that improve their performance.

NUCON’s Chemistry and Isotope laboratories perform all the tests specified to assure quality. Test methods are specified by ASTM including ASTM D3803 for radioiodine removal efficiency and various other Activated Carbon Physical Property Tests.

All manufacturing and testing is done under the control of our Quality Assurance Program which has been regularly audited to the requirements of 10CFR50 Appendix B and NQA-1.

NUCON manufactures Nuclear Air Treatment Systems and components meeting all the requirements of the ASME AG-1 code. The NUCON NUCELL® Type II carbon adsorber is designed for high efficiency and leak proof applications.

NUCON has exceptional knowledge and experience in control of radioactive gas phase contaminants. We have served the nuclear power and defense establishments for over twenty-five years. Some of our professional personnel have forty years of experience in the nuclear field. NUCON personnel are members of critical Standards Committees in this area; ASTM D-28, Carbon and F-21, Filtration, ASME Code Committee On Nuclear Air and Gas Treatment and ASHRAE 9.2, Industrial Ventilation - Nuclear.

NUCON has developed other custom adsorbents for specific isotope removal. This in-house expertise allows NUCON to offer complete consulting, testing (Laboratory & Field) and engineering services to compliment our supply of NUSORB® Adsorbents.


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