NUCON supplies NUSORB® activated carbons for noble gas (radioactive krypton and xenon) delay for both BWR and PWR nuclear power plants along with other gaseous radwaste applications. These products are being used successfully around the world.

The NUSORB® GXK series of noble gas delay carbons (see NUCON Bulletin 11B10) is available in a number of standard particle sizes. Custom sizes are available when your application requires a non-standard particle size. NUCON has the ability to not only supply activated carbon but has developed a comprehensive body of data on specific radioisotope delay characteristics for many temperature, moisture, relative humidity and flow parameters.

NUCON can provide filling services for the large noble gas delay vessels. To achieve system design performance the carbon must be loaded with great care to eliminate moisture pickup and to achieve the design packing density. NUCON has the experience and equipment to ensure these critical parameters are met.

Our Radioisotope Laboratory can develop any specific test data required for your application. NUCON has over 40 years of experience testing noble gas delay carbons for our in-house R&D, Client, and Quality Control requirements.

NUCON has designed and supplied gaseous radwaste systems since 1972. A typical layout of such a system can be seen at KEPCO GRS system.

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