Mercury, a toxic and corrosive material, must be removed from various gas and liquid streams. Since it is always present in very low concentrations, adsorption processes are most suitable for mercury removal. Activated carbon serves as an excellent carrier for various impregnants, which physically react with the mercury and hold it within the adsorbent particles. Very high levels of purity can be attained because of the high mercury removal efficiencies attained by the adsorption process.

The NUCON technical manual for mercury removal processes can be seen at Mercury Adsorbents Design and Performance.

A general survey of methods of Mercury Control by Fixed Bed Adsorption indicates there are a wide variety of uses for this technology.

MERSORB® mercury adsorbent products are used for removing mercury from gas phase hydrocarbons such as natural gas. Since mercury corrodes the aluminum heat exchangers used to liquefy natural gas, it must be removed before the low temperature condensation step. Mercury removal is also necessary to protect downstream equipment from corrosion such as compressors and pipelines. It is common to achieve a mercury concentration of <0.010 μg/Nm3 with this process.

Laboratory tests have been performed on several simulated gas streams and the results have been used as a basis for the design of mercury removal processes. They include off gas from mixed waste incineration, a plasma enhanced melter, ventilation of a hot cell, and a chemical munitions incineration process. The Laboratory Experiment Data Summary shows the results of these tests.

Laboratory Experiments Data Summary

Mixed Waste
Hot Cell Vent
SNS Facilities
Gas Inert Off Gas Air Syngas
Impurities NO2, HCL Nitrogen
Mercury Conc., mg/cu m 10 0.055 0.55
Temperature, °C 150 38 30
Residence Time, sec 0.99 0.7 20
Test Duration, hr 1000 60 9
Mercury Removal Eff., % 99.9 99.8 99.99


A technical paper showing the performance of MERSORB® LW in water purification can be viewed at Achieving Low Mercury Concentrations in Chlor-Alkali Wastewaters.


See Mercury Removal Case Studies.


We are pleased to announce that, effective 15-FEB-2006, NUCON International, Inc., has appointed Selective Adsorption Associates, Inc. (SAA, INC.) as Exclusive Worldwide Distributor for its MERSORB® Mercury Adsorbents.

MERSORB is a registered trademark of NUCON International Inc.

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