Photo Acoustic Detector
Mass Flow Controler
Habitability Sampling

Radiological, Chemical and Biological contaminants create unique hazard control problems in industries such as Nuclear Power, Chemical Manufacturing and Healthcare.  These contaminants also pose potential threats and hazards in critical buildings occupied by Homeland Security, Department of Energy, Department of Defense, Department of Justice and the State Department.  Control Room Inleakage Testing is required to be performed at domestic nuclear power plants by NRC Generic Letter 2003-01 Control Room Habitability.

NUCON’s Control Room In-leakage Testing program is governed by, and is in full compliance with ASTM E741 “Standard Test Method for Determining Air Change in a Single Zone by Means of a Tracer Gas Dilution." NUCON has performed Tracer Gas testing at many nuclear power plants, both domestic and international, as well as similar safe room and shelter installations at commercial, government and industrial sites.  This method is also used to allow airflow patterns within a zone or building to be determined.


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