Particulate Test Setup
Particulate Rig
Particulate Data Analyze

The transport of particles via airflow patterns within a zone is dependent on many parameters and is difficult to model.  NUCON provides a service by which particulates are introduced into an environment while determining how they are conveyed by ventilation.  This data can be used to construct a model of particulate travel within a zone.  The healthcare industry uses particle counting methods to study migration of bacteria and viruses from temporary isolation areas and isolation rooms, and this testing also assists in the evaluation of the safety of local, state and federal government buildings.  The commercial building industry also uses these tests to evaluate flow characteristics to optimize operation of HVAC systems. NUCON offers tracer gas testing, and monodispersed or polydispersed particle migration and mapping studies of flow patterns. Based on the chemical and/or particle species, NUCON can assist in the planning and development of an evaluation plan to gauge containment and migration of these species by the measurement of tracer gas concentration decay and size based particle migration.

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