NUCON International provides steady state chemical process simulations using state of the art software (CHEMCAD). Thermophysical properties are based on the DIPPRĀ® (Design Institute for Physical Properties) database. In addition about 6000 pairs of binary interaction parameters are included for use with NRTL, UNIQUAC, Marqules, Wilson and Van Lear activity coefficients methods.



Flowsheeting tools allow ground up design of steady state processes. Models are based on rigorous thermophysical equilibrium.


Models can be changed and adjusted to predict the effect that the changes will have on operation.


Plant data can be fed into a simulation to increase the model's rigor. Sensitivity analysis can be used to improve performance.


Accurate models of process and safety related equipment will reduce your workload in complying with the increasingly complex regulations.

Supplementary Services

  • ASME Section VIII code design for pressure vessels
  • Process Flow Diagram (PFD) and Piping & Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) development
  • Design of solvent vapor recovery systems
  • Design of carbon adsorption systems for both gas and liquid phase applications
  • Design of chemical tank vapor destruction systems
  • Design of off-gas adsorption and purification systems for radiopharmaceutical facilities and laboratories.
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