NUCON International provides design services for the sizing and documentation of safety pressure relief systems and vent manifolds.

Most calculations are performed within a process simulator utilizing rigorous thermodynamic models and employing the methodology of the Design Institute for Emergency Relief Systems (DIERS). This approach insures that the results and documentation will meet the highest standards.

Program features include:

  • Design or rating cases allowed
  • Calculations of physical properties and phase changes of complex components, including non-ideal conditions
  • Ability to substitute proprietary physical properties for the program data
  • Single or two phase flow calculations
  • Homogeneous, Bubbly or Chum-Turbulent vessel models
  • Relief devices include both pressure relief valves and rupture disks
  • Vent flow models include Homogeneous Equilibrium and Henry-Fauske Nonequilibrium
  • Built in standards: NFPA-30, API 520/521, OSHA and API 2000
  • Pressure drop calculations in complex vent manifolds
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