After extensive testing and validation, including oversight by NUPIC, NUCON is pleased to announce operation of its updated radioiodine adsorbent testing facility. The new test stations exceed all the requirements of ASTM D3803-1989.

  • NUCON was the only accepted test laboratory that met the complete testing protocol recommended by the 1987 INEL/NRC round-robin. That tradition of excellence continues.
  • As many as six samples can be tested at the same time.
  • Test conditions are controlled by industrial grade process control hardware and software.
Radioiodine adsorbent testing facility

Adsorbents can be tested under different conditions of temperature, relative humidity, bed depth and flow in order to meet nuclear power plant technical specifications while still maintaining the rigid parameter control requirements of ASTM D3803-1989. Click here for a Radioiodine-Adsorbent-Testing sample.

In addition, new testing configurations are available to evaluate the efficiencies of a variety of sampling cartridges and other non-standard adsorbent materials. Click here for a sample request form with test procedures and conditions.

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