NUCON was initially founded as a consulting company before it rapidly evolved into a broad-based provider of products and services. Consulting projects range from conceptual design to extensive post accident recovery assistance at Three Mile Island. With a broad scope radioisotope license as well as chemical laboratory facilities NUCON has performed studies in areas such as radioiodine decay heating effects, tritium recovery, noble gas delay, nuclear weapon facilities site cleanup and regulatory rule making.


Consulting activities often evolve into full engineering projects such as design of complete ventilation system (i.e. Type II Carbon Adsorber Trays) to control and recover Special Nuclear Material (SNM) at fuel plant, design and specification of the first operating Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) noble gas delay system in the U.S. and the first adsorption based Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) noble delay system.

NUCON is the leader in consulting and R&D in the area of adsorption of radioiodine and the effects of contaminants on the performance of carbon in such applications.

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