NUCON® Model AGT Aerosol Generator

Model AGT™ Aerosol Generator, front view

The NUCON Model AGT™ is a high-output portable thermal aerosol (DOP or PAO) generator. It can provide up to 241 mL/min of submicron PAO, or 121 mL/min of submicron DOP, aerosol.

System pressure indicator and all operational controls are on the front panel.

Liquid to gas phase conversion takes place in a continuous stainless steel coil cast in an aluminum block. Heater cartridges and thermal switches are inserted in the block, ensuring maximum thermal conductivity and mass with maximum safety.

Model AGT™ Aerosol Generator, back view
  • All operations are front panel controlled.
  • Rugged design for field use.
  • Filling is very easy with quick-connect funnel (no tools required).
  • Auto Shutdown failsafe for three modes - electronics overheat, block overheat, or aerosol overheat.
  • Leak-tight, long life and safe aerosol generation.

The NUCON Model AGT is unique in its ability to produce large volumes of submicron aerosol in a compact, portable instrument. All critical parameters (temperature, pressure and flow) are precisely controlled for consistent, repeatable performance.

Temperature is controlled by state of the art temperature switches. Flow is set using a built-in liquid flowmeter. A separate ON/OFF switch starts and stops liquid flow to the heater block without changing flow rate settings.

Model AGT Technical Specifications


Aerosol Size


PAO: maximum output up to 241 mL/minute of submicron aerosol. Constant operation at 221 mL/minute.

DOP: maximum output up to 121 mL/minute of submicron aerosol. Constant operation at 102 mL/minute.

99+% < 3.0 micrometer
50+% < 0.7 micrometer
10+% < 0.4 micrometer

Reservoir Capacity         
~ 1 quart  (~I L)   


18.75” x 9.32” x 10.06”
(477 mm x 237 mm x 265 mm)

35 lbs (16 kgs)

Power Requirements

Compressed Air or Nitrogen


120 (± 10) VAC
19 Amps (heaters on)
2280 Watts

Minimum: 80 psi (550 kPa
Maximum: 190 psi (1310 kPa)



AGT™ Aerosol Generator front panel

AGT™ Aerosol Generator side view


Figure 1 - Front Panel


Figure 2 - Side View