NUCON F-1000-HD Halide Detector

NUCON Model F-1000-HD Halide Detector

Testing Applications

The NUCON Model SAE is the only continuous Halide detector available that meets ANSI/ASME standards N510 and AG-1. The model SAE can be calibrated for Vppb level detection of two most commonly used challenge Halides (R-11 and R-12)

  • Nuclear air and Gas Treatment Systems (Safety and Non-Safety Grade)
  • High Efficiency Carbon (Charcoal) Air Filtration Systems
  • Lab Fume Hoods/Exhaust
  • Vapor Removal/ Scavenger Systems
  • CFC Detection
  • Switchable Vppm/Vppb Ranges
  • Direct Continuous Real Time Readout
  • External "Zero" Air Filters For Easy Change-Out
  • Automatic Sample Flow Control
  • Recorder Output
  • Solid-State Electronics

*R-11, R-12, SF6 and others


Technical Specifications and Information:

Sensitivity to Halides:
1 Vppb

Sampling Volume:
2000 ml/min
(Electronically Stabilized)

Linear Range:
1Vppb to 40 Vppm

Response Range:
1 Vppb to 80 Vppm


Recorder Output:
2.0 V.  1mA
(Short-circuit protected)

5.3" (13 cm) H x 18" (44 cm) L
x 10.6" (27 cm) D

23 lbs. (10.5 Kg)

Power Requirements:
100VA, 120VAC ±10%, 60Hz.
(220VAC, 50 Hz also available)