This 5-day workshop is an extension of the NUCON ANSI/ASME N510 Testing Workshop-Basic Course. It combines a deeper understanding of adsorption theory, effects of contaminants on activated carbon and their effects on radioiodine testing. This is an extensive hands-on approach of airflow measurements, basic air balancing and their effects on in-place testing. There is a review of basic aspects of in-place testing of HEPA filters and carbon adsorbers with a practical approach to troubleshooting and examples of common problems found in the field.

It is highly recommended that the participant has attended the NUCON N510 Testing Workshop-Basic Course prior to attending this course.

Course instructors are consultants, scientists, and test engineers who are certified to ANSI/ASME N45.2.6 and who have extensive experience at many nuclear facilities throughout the world. This experience is invaluable to the attendee in dealing with "unique" situations at their particular facility.

This workshop consists of more in-depth practice of particular sections of N510 than were covered in the NUCON Basic Course and assumes the attendee has a good understanding of these basic techniques. A written exam will be given on the final day of the workshop.


Upon successful completion of this course, the participant will have received and demonstrated advanced knowledge and comprehension of performing and supervising ANSI/ASME N510 Testing of Nuclear Air Treatment Systems.

While this workshop will enable experienced technicians to become more familiar with in-place testing of air treatment systems, it is very valuable for other plant personnel as well. System engineers will understand this type of testing more thoroughly and be better prepared to troubleshoot problems that occur. QA and licensing personnel will enhance their knowledge regarding the requirements of Regulatory Guides and Standards, allowing them to more effectively discuss situations with regulatory personnel.

Likewise, participants will become more effective in interfacing with contract test personnel through a better understanding of the work requirements.

This course may be applied toward ANSI/ASME N45.2.6 Certification. Continuing Education 3.0 Units


The course will include, but not be limited to, the following subject areas:

Airflow Capacity

  • Correction Factors
  • Psychrometrics
  • Air Balancing

Fan Performance

  • RPM Measurement
  • Horsepower Measurement
  • Sheave Adjustment
  • Belt Tension
  • Fan Curve Comparison to Field Data

Heater Performance

  • BTU Output Based on Electric Side
  • BTU Output Based on delta T


  • In-Place Testing
  • Leak Locating
Air-Aerosol Mixing

  • Multipoint Sampling
  • Manifolds, Injection & Sample
  • Design & Use


  • Advanced Theory
  • Poisoning
  • Iodine-Lab Testing


  • In-Place Testing
  • Various Tracer Gases
  • Gas Chromatography Vs. Continuous Detection
  • Breakthrough, Desorption, Leakage
  • Pulse Testing

Control Room In-Leakage

  • Discussion of Various ASTM Methods


15-19 Nov. 2021


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Joshua Lawson at
Phone: 614-846-5710 ext. 114
Fax: 614-431-0858
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Registration is limited to ten people and space is only guaranteed after receipt of payment.

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